Privacy Policy

From the moment you make formal contact with FOYZO LTD, we will be gathering and storing your personal data. For example, when you ask for a quotation to be posted to you, we will – naturally – need your address details. Similarly, if you sign up for special offers, then we will store your email address. We know that this seems obvious, but we want to point it out so that we’re being as clear with you as possible about how we handle your data. Parts of our site will include cookies or similar methods for us to understand what kinds of products our customers find most interesting – so we can offer you more deals like that. Obviously, if you send your CV in for a job application, we will keep it on file in case other opportunities arise in the future that we think you might be interested in. We don’t sell data to 3rd parties and if you ask us to take your email etc off our database and never darken your door again – then that is exactly what we will do. If you are under 13, then you are not supposed to register with us at all – and we make that clear on any registration page. If you have a query about privacy, please email