The Founders


    Boyana Yordanova and Gabriela Gocheva, mother and daughter, who's unique life journey have led them into a big interest in spirituality, a fascination of natural stones and the desire of making fine jewelry, which later on led them into creating Aura Jewelry.  Boyana Yordanova is the creative director of Aura Jewelry and Gabriela Gocheva directs business administration and product development. Their core values of unconditional love, compassion, and creation are the bases for Aura's brand values. 

    For them, it is essential that each piece of jewelry is strung together by hand and every precious and semi-precious stone is used to stimulate the spiritual healing powers and support the bearer in their dreams. Their philosophy is based on the concept of paying attention to every detail, believing a trend can be set using every unique piece of the puzzle.