Somewhere in the Rhodope mountains in Bulgaria, lies Perperikon, which happens to be the largest megalithic structure in the Balkan Peninsula and ancient scriptures tell us of this sacred place keeping a supernatural passage to another dimension.    After all the legend has it that this is where Orpheus descended to the underworld in his attempt to save his beloved wife Eurydice.

    Aura jewelry aspires to recreate the divine energy from the mythical Thracian city of Perperikon. 
 In our jewelry we use symbols inspired by the spirit of the village of Tatul built thousands of years ago in full compliance with the principles of the so-called sacred geometry, striking an instance of divine intervention. 

    Aura carries a spiritual message to those in search of their own truth within. Our mythical jewelry is designed to help one type into their unique frequency, strengthen the spirit and inspire conversation, through the ancient symbols embedded in each piece.